Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Don’t be surprised if one afternoon or evening you suddenly find yourself sitting in your local ER waiting room. You’re most likely there because you took a tumble at home and injured yourself. X-rays will tell whether that ankle, wrist or ribs are fractured. Your frailty has snuck up on you. Without thinking you reach out to the walls or furniture to help steady yourself from room to room. It has come on slowly and perhaps you and your spouse haven’t thought much about it. This ER visit takes a bit of wind out of your sails because it hits home the differences of the body sitting here versus the body of a few months ago sitting in the doctor’s office when you first got the news. I once met a man who lived alone and required continuous care(a hospice service providing limited 24 hr care)  for a few days following a fall as he recovered. He was angry, angry with himself for falling, angry about needing someone to help him use the toilet and get dressed, angry about his disease. He was also scared. He thought he had been managing quite well and was being realistic and accepting the inevitability of his dying. He told me that just as he seemed to adjust and accept his situation , something always seemed to come along that forced him to readjust and re-accept, and in this case, his privacy and independence.

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