Hospice Patients Can Be Tissue Donors

Are you aware that hospice patients may be eligible for tissue donation after their deaths if they so choose, depending on their medical history? Giving the gift of tissue; either skin, heart valves, corneas, tendons, veins, or bone, can make a huge difference in many peoples’ lives. If this is something that you would like to consider for yourself, or for your dying loved one please go to organdonor.gov for information. Too often people assume that since they are in hospice that their desire to be a tissue donor may be denied. Thorough review will be done to ensure that one meets the donor criteria as there are some diseases and conditions that would make a person ineligible. The window of opportunity is short, as cornea tissue must be obtained within 24 hrs from time of death. Note that tissue donation is not the same as organ donation, each having differing criteria.

You can find more information regarding tissue donation here and here

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