Today’s Post is a Visual Journey

Today is movie day.

After watching this documentary I realized that this 45 minute video visually contained, and beautifully presented, the very information I try to convey in writing in my blog posts. Set in Australia, the documentary A Good Death, reported by Deborah Masters and Matthew Carney, follows four terminally ill men and women through their journey towards death. You see and hear real people as they voice their fears and concerns. You are able to ‘sit’ with a gentleman who thinks he has 18 months still to live as he is told that his doctor now thinks it closer to two months.  As you meet and follow these individuals you see the physical decline in their faces, you see the progression into restlessness and towards imminence. I can share stories from my experiences, but watching these four people will have a much greater impact. Being able to see what I have been writing about, hopefully explains a lot of the why I try to educate and inform on the benefits of being prepared for end of life. This documentary is so well done, it will leave you wondering why there isn’t a Palliative Care Unit in every hospital across America.

Please let me know your thoughts and reactions. And, as a short reminder on being prepared is this post.

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  1. Thank you for this, Kathy. It is very beautiful. Two of my favorite lines: from Dennis, “we say life is a journey, but isn’t dying a journey too?” And from the beautiful doctor, director of Sacred Heart: “I can’t cure you, but I will walk with you.” I’m putting your post in my file for when I have nothing to write in my blog, because my mother isn’t dying, she just wants to be. And she’s afraid to be.

  2. meKathy says:

    So glad you watched it!Those two comments jumped out to me as well, but it was the man’s face and reaction to the doctor telling him he no longer had as much time as he thought that really struck a cord with me because I met so many who told me about similar conversations..Perhaps in your mom’s case she will go suddenly as she is so afraid of a protracted dying.

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